Treadmill Repair

At Hi Tech Gym Equipment, we assist consumers in need of treadmill repair and routine maintenance. We can assist you whether your personal treadmill is damaged or your company is seeking experienced personnel to service your machines.

We’ve been assisting individual and commercial clients for many years, and we can handle any kind of workout equipment you have.

Recommended Schedule for Treadmill Maintenance

Weekly Treadmill Maintenance

Wipe the tread surface clean (do not spray cleaner directly on display board, apply to cloth first).
Check the alignment of the walking belt.
Check that the line cable is not in the way of the elevation carriage.
Check that all of the control buttons are in good functioning order.

Monthly Treadmill Maintenance

Vacuum under the tread hood.

Check the alignment and wear of the drive belt.

  • Vacuum under the tread by lifting the tread to its highest point.
  • Examine the power cord for any flat places or breaks.
  • Tighten all of the shroud screws.
  • Calibrate the tread to ensure appropriate operation.

Quarterly Treadmill Maintenance

Lubricate the belt and deck according to the manufacturer’s requirements.
Lubricate the elevation screw.
Check the tightness of all screws and bolts.

Yearly Treadmill Maintenance

Carry out all of the steps above or contact your local service provider.

Gym Equipment Brands That We Install

We are dedicated to offering high-quality installation and maintenance services regardless of the manufacturer. Some of the brands we handle are: