Stepper Machine Repair

At Hi Tech Gym Equipment, we assist consumers in need of stepper machine repair and routine maintenance. We can assist you whether your personal stepper machine is damaged or your company is seeking experienced personnel to service your workout machines.

We’ve been assisting individual and commercial clients for many years, and we can handle any kind of workout equipment you have.

Recommended Schedule for Stepper Machine Maintenance

Weekly Stepper Machine Maintenance

Wipe down the unit. Keep dust and filth at bay.
Check that the tension is working appropriately.
Check that the steps are stable (no wobbling).

Monthly Stepper Machine Maintenance

Remove the shroud and clean the pulleys and belts.
Lubricate any chains.
Check and lubricate all pivot points.

Quarterly Stepper Machine Maintenance

Wipe down the chains with a clean towel to clean them.
Remove any oil that has accumulated on the chains.
Belts should be cleaned.
Check the tightness of all linkages.
Check that the higher display is working properly (tension, speed, time).

Yearly Stepper Machine Maintenance

For thorough cleaning, contact a local service provider.

Gym Equipment Brands That We Install

We are dedicated to offering high-quality installation and maintenance services regardless of the manufacturer. Some of the brands we handle are: