Exercise Bike Repair

At Hi Tech Gym Equipment, we are experts in the repair and maintenance of exercise bikes. We can assist you whether your bike has broken down or you are searching for a crew to monitor your fitness equipment on a regular basis.

Recommended Schedule for Exercise Bike Maintenance

Weekly Exercise Bike Maintenance

Wipe down the unit with a gentle cloth and cleaner.
Examine the upper display’s functionality.
Examine the housing and overlay.
Display monitor for testing.
Heart rate sensors should be tested.
Check the unit’s functionality.

Monthly Exercise Bike Maintenance

Examine the pedals to ensure there is no grinding noise.
Examine the belt/chain for wear.
Lubricate the drive chain.
Examine the crank arm and drive sprocket and make any necessary adjustments.
Inspect and lubricate the seat post.
Belt tension should be tested and adjusted.

Yearly Exercise Bike Maintenance

Carry out all of the previous steps or contact your local service provider.

Gym Equipment Brands That We Install

We are dedicated to offering high-quality installation and maintenance services regardless of the manufacturer. Some of the brands we handle are: